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Dive spots in our region (for more details email to: Michael.Noertemann@gmx.de)

Salzgitter See
The lake at Salzgitter Lebenstedt offers easy diving: starting from the surface, you can drop down to 14 meters. Overhangs, rocky stones and a colorful green will hostage many fish: luces, eel, trout and small crab are most common. We know many different entry to that lake. It's a popular night-dive spot.

Sundhaeuser See
Located in the southern Thuringia area, it's one of the "must-see" diving spots. The lake offers deep dives down to 35 meters. Two small ship-wreck invite you to visit. Cristal clear water and real good visibility are common at that dive-spot. Lots of fish is guaranteed. Famous are large school of carp fish and luces are regulary observed. Don't forget to pay a small entrance fee at the local dive-centers 

Located near the Sundhäuser See, it's a newly reopened lake for divers. There's a tec-dive parcours for technical and deep-divers. It's important to inform one of the dive-centers (Entrance fee) 

Near the city of Waldeck in the Hesse province, that lake offers different visibility; in some cases water will be let off from the dam. Check out the water level some days before.
Dive sites